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Set of 3 Plant Watering Glass Globes


564245 Set of 3 Plant Watering Glass Globes

Set of three plant-watering glass aqua globes. Featuring three different sizes of globes that are filled with water and placed upside down in plant pots to water plants. Help your plants grow to their full potential with this set of self-watering globes.
  • Never over-water plants again
  • Ideal for when you're away
  • Bulbs release just the right amount of water into soil
  • Add plant food to water if desired
  • Each stylish globe is hand-blown, so no two are the same
  • Yellow base colour, with flecks of orange, red, blue, green and white

  • Small: 17cm (7")
  • Medium: 23cm (9")
  • Large: 33cm (13")
All measurements are approximate